Day 365: The Toast to the End

•December 31, 2011 • 3 Comments

And so the day is finally here, day 365!  I made it, took a picture every single day with no exception, with no forgetting and then having to fake it the next day.  Every day for 2011 I had my camera, any camera, with me to capture something.  Some were better than others, some downright horrible.  It got tough during these past few months when the light was gone and the weather was Seattle.  I decided to make the last shot be of to cork coming out of a champagne bottle to toast the accomplishment.  But unfortunately this was the best I could get.  Prepped with what turned out to be a way too old bottle of sparkling wine, my Dad was here and I had him prep and fire.  It was during the day, so I could be at 1/1250s and really get the action, with my camera set on continuous high speed.  I starting firing away and pop shot the cork over into the neighbors yard.  And what did I get?  The absolute last moment before the cork was going to come out and then the cork way out of frame with barely anything spraying out of the shaken bottle.  Really?  Oh well, I should have taken the shot with the camera back and to the right of the bottle, facing up at the sky as it shot off.  Lesson learned, didn’t have another newer bottle to try.  And so for this I had him shake and just have the bubbly shoot out again sans cork and that’s my last picture.  I think it came out well, with a little B&W lightroom touch in post.  It’s been a fun year, but I’ll be glad to go back to taking pictures on a less grueling schedule and hope all my time has made me a better photographer.  Look for a post coming soon where I summarize some things probably.  Thanks.

46mm f/3.5 ISO 1600 1/1250s (Shutter speed priority) +1 EV (actually intentional)

I took this picture too, from a page in a book obviously. 


Day 364: Merry Rocky and Mackey

•December 30, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Well I wanted to get one last picture of the dogs for the year, with the tree in the background and my new lens.  I actually think this is pretty awesome, maybe a tad more depth of field would have been better, tough to resist not going all the way down to 1.8.

50mm f/1.8 ISO 1600 1/20s (Aperture priority) +1/3 EV 

And I felt that I couldn’t put just one of them up, so here is Mack. I got him to tilt his head again, so there’s that. ONE MORE DAY!

50mm f/2.0 ISO 1600 1/20s (Aperture priority) +1/3 EV
Lens: EF 50mm f/1.8 II

Day 363: Toys

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Another day of being sick, but today I powered through and helped build lots of LEGOs.  Also we got some new Skylanders today, which is the focal of this picture.  That’s drobot, I was excited to get him. 

50mm f/1.8 ISO 1600 1/60s (Aperture priority) +1/3 EV
Lens: EF 50mm f/1.8 II

Day 362: Starbucks on the tree

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More playing with the 50mm, wanted to make sure I had captured that we have a Starbucks tree ornament.  I’m still sick, so not much to expect here. 

50mm f/2.2 ISO 1600 1/15 (Aperture priority) +1/3 EV (an entire year of always screwing this up)
Lens: EF 50mm f/1.8 II

Day 361: Dementors

•December 27, 2011 • Leave a Comment

We played with LEGOs today, and this was a Dementor from the Harry Potter castle.  I like how the other characters on laying around (not intentional) and there is a little bit of a halo effect around him.  Still enjoying the new lens.

50mm f/2.2 ISO 1600 1/50s (Aperture Priority) +1/3 EV
Lens: EF50mm f/1.8 II

Day 360: New 50mm lens

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Sorry Zach if you didn’t want this picture shown, it was all I had from this day.  I was testing out the new 50mm f/1.8 lens I got for Christmas.  Honestly I can’t believe how good this $100 Canon lens is, for the price its incredible.  This was in the morning, Zach hadn’t had a chance to put his makeup on yet :)  And later in the day I got sick, pretty much ruining the rest of the week on doing any good shots for the end of the year.

50mm f/1.8 ISO 1000 1/80s (Aperture priority) +2/3 (flash was in the shoe)
Lens: EF50mm f/1.8 II

Day 359: Christmas!

•December 25, 2011 • Leave a Comment

I had quite a few pictures to choose from obviously, but this one was my favorite.  It captured the scene of just about every Christmas I had as a kid, and I hope my kids have each year.  Carter is super excited when he opens this big present and sees a huge red Angry Bird, with Chase very interestedly watching over his shoulder to see what is so exciting.  I love Christmas.

17mm f/4.0 ISO 400 1/200s (Manual) Speedlite 430 EX II Flash on camera